“Glory be to the Almighty, who has concealed His wisdom in each and every of His creations.”

These words make us strive to explore the corners of the world to contemplate the wisdom hidden behind one of the most elementary creations .The cleanser of the body and soul, the element that undisputedly covers the most area of our planet Earth and our body. Water– the source of life, is as versatile, as mysterious, as flexible, as exciting, as interesting, as dangerous, as bundled up with unlimited energy – as life itself.

And we, at Ekjan Associates, take pride in our efforts to understand the wisdom behind this great element, to tame its unstoppable force, to create music out of its raw power, to bring out from its transparent surface the colours of rainbow, to create what can only be described – due to the lack of vocabulary of the English language – as magic.

Be it soothing lullabies of the water streams escaping from the gentle wall cascade of water, or the distorted sight of a green garden from behind a glass curtain, or the permanent scent of the first rain in your own backyard emitted from natural rock fountain, or the foam fountain adorning your swimming pool with ripples of joy – water fountains have a way of refreshing all your senses. And Ekjan Associates can help you find the perfect balance between them with a wide range of nozzles, pumps, lights and pool accessories which have been displayed in this website here.